Our Mission & Vision

Florida Cancer Care shall provide an environment that focuses on the prevention, detection, and treatment of solid malignancies including, but not limited to, breast, ovarian, lung and pancreatic cancer. FCC is committed to delivering the highest quality of care with compassion and consideration to the goals of those who seek our expertise.

  • Treatment for all stages of breast cancer which may include hormonal manipulation if the disease is endocrine sensitive, chemotherapy, and or biological therapy.
  • Genetic counseling, BRCA 1& 2 testing, for those at high risk of developing breast cancer or for those with inherited breast cancer.
  • FDA approved clinical trials for the prevention of breast cancer for those who are at increased risk and who qualify.
  • Potential involvement in the broadest array of FDA approved, clinical trials in the Southeastern United States of America
  • Access to our Integrative Medicine Staff and treatments including acupuncture, massage, nutritional counseling and emotional support.
  • Referrals to the most competent specialists in breast imaging (ultrasound, mammography, MRI), breast and reconstructive surgery and radiation oncologists.
  • Lifetime follow up, surveillance, and supportive care strategies to defer bone loss, treat hot flashes and complications of menopause.