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3rd Opinion
Jun 18th, 2016

Dr. Tan-Chiu is by far the finest amongst her peers. I came to her after multiple consultations and decided to treat with her. You will not find a more compassionate and knowledgable cancer specialist than her. God bless her!

Cancer (Breast) patient
by Ann C. on Jun 2nd, 2014

I do recommend Dr. Tan=Chui highly ! She was very helpful and comforting helping me decide which type of treatment to choose. I have now passed five years and have put this experience behind me hopefully forever..

Compassionate and understanding
by Nancy Q. on Feb 24th, 2014

Dr. Tan-Chiu makes you feel like you're the only patient she has to care for. She's very compassionate and understanding. Takes her time with you, gives you all the options available and let's you make the decision on your care. She is outstanding!

Right at home
by International Patient on Jan 4th, 2014

I am an international, self-pay patient, but I couldn't have felt more at home with Dr. Tan-Chiu and her staff. Not only did her staff help me coordinate my labs and diagnostic imaging appointments, but they also helped to keep my medical expenses at a minimum. This is a practice that cares about its patients more than anything. I feel blessed to have been referred to such a great physician. Thank you!

Human, Compasdionate and Caring
by M. Bosch on May 1st, 2013

Dr. Tan-Chiu made my journey thru cancer possible. She took away my fears, and helped me to make the right decisions for me. I always knew she was fighting for me. Once, when she came to see me at the hospital, she held my hand and prayed with me. I will never forget that moment, or the moment I finished all my treatments. She is the best Doctor I have ever met and an outstanding researcher,

Best doctor I've ever had!
Jun 26th, 2012

Dr. Tan-Chiu is a very warm, caring, upbeat doctor. She treats patients as if they are family. She takes the time to fully explain everything you could possibly want to know. She's extremely knowledgeable. I feel very fortunate to have found her!

Dr. Tan-Chiu is the real deal.
Dec 2nd, 2011

Dr. Tan-Chiu is a rare find. Her intellectual fervor and thouroughness are combined with genuine compassion and skilled communication that's rooted in listening. These precious attributes/ benefits are supported by her capable and caring staff. If you are looking for excellence, look no further.

The best
Nov 4th, 2011

I learned more about cancer in my body during my first appointment with Dr. Tan-Chiu than I had learned during four years of cancer treatment. She showed me my scans and xrays and analyzed them herself where other doctors had just read reports. Also, everytime I have chemo, she sees me, accesses my health, and reaction to the drugs and answers any quetions I have. Dr. Tan-Chiu is on the cutting edge of the science of cancer because she cares so much about saving lives and goes the extra distance to keep people like me alive and well. I drive three and a half hours each way for treatment, though now, I could get the same drug closer to home, because I know that Dr. Tan-Chiu can and will give me the best care available.

Exceptional Service
Sep 28th, 2011

I am a 5 years breast cancer survivor who have been a patient of Dr. Tan Chiu since I was diagnosed. When you go to her office, you feel as if you are with family...they care about you and you are not just another number with them. She puts your mind at ease and explains the situation that you can understand as it is very overwhelming at times to try to absorb the information. I lost my group health insurance and they were able to help me sign up for assitance to continue to get my medication and shots. I have also refered people to her and they are very pleased with her service. The best Oncologist!!

Apr 26th, 2011

She is a great oncologist - kind, thorough and takes a lot of time with you to answer all your questions - her office staff is also wonderful.

the complete package
by ceil kroop on Sep 12th, 2010

I use a doctor who puts the patient first. Who takes her incredible intelligence and knowledge, mixes that with a great staff that cares about each and every patient, and provides an atmosphere of healing and hope. There is no arrogance of right or wrong, there is option after option of old and new innovative tried and tested protocols geared for the individual. When i walked into that office i are was just a disease looking for a cure. What i got, was an entire new family of wonderfully knowledgeable and caring members, that try their hardest to give me the best quality of life for the longest period of time. For me an incredible mind with an unending thirst for knowledge, mixed with tremendous amounts of passion,heart, and hope for her patients, is the perfect recipe for the great doctor elizabeth tan-chiu is.

Jul 4th, 2010

The most caring human being I know. She is absolutely brillant along with her staff.

Nov 28th, 2009

I am a self-pay patient. Dr. Tan-Chiu is the most compassionate doctor I have ever had. The staff is very professional and helpful.

Kim Van Buren in Fort Myers, Fl on Dec 18, 2015

Dr Tan-Chiu made me aware of my condition like no other Dr ! She spent so much more time with me , informing me , educating me and over all making me aware of what to expect . Dr. Tan-Chiu really made me feel like I was a person and not a number or pay check , thank you for all you have done. Anyone with the unfortunate diagnois of cancer would be thankful to have her and her team on your side.

Lisa Sterghos in Ft Lauderdale, FL on Dec 18, 2015

I first went to Dr. Tan Chiu with breast cancer. She was compassionate and knowledgeable without being arrogant or intimidating. After a mastectomy I am now 4 years cancer free. I would 100% recommend Dr. Tan Chiu. She's explains everything, without rushing and always makes me feel comfortable and at ease when I leave.

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by S.S. on Jul 7th, 2016

Dr. Carcas came highly recommended. She lived up to every expectation. She was kind and tender while still demonstrating thorough understanding of my disease and the best therapy for my particular situation. I would recommend her without hesitation. She spent more than an hour reviewing the specifics of my pathology to ensure I understood why I am being treated and the purpose of the treatment. She also personally reviewed by scans. If you choose to treat with her, you will not be disappointed.

Jun 15th, 2016

I went to Dr. Carcas for a second opinion. Her explanation of my diagnosis and her proposed plan of care was thorough and explained the rationale behind each point in the plan of care. She did all of this in layman's terms. Her office staff is polite and very responsive. I highly recommend Dr. Carcas.

by Sandra on Jun 2nd, 2016

Dr. Carcas has been excellent. She is very kind and compassionate and has taken time to explain my diagnosis and its treatment in detail. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you will want to follow with Dr. Carcas. She is wonderful

Amazing Doctor
Apr 28th, 2016

Dr. Lauren Carcas is a great Doctor..... No, she's AMAZING!!! She thoroughly explains everything and is EXTREMELY compassionate. I will never go to another DR or Oncologist again. Yes, she's that good.

by Kelly on Mar 15th, 2016

Dr. Carcas is kind and gentle during a very difficult time. I hope nobody ever needs to see an oncologist but if you do I highly recommend her. You will be in great hands. She will be with you throughout your entire journey for support and guidance.

by Marilyn on Dec 7th, 2015

There are none better than Dr. Carcas & Dr. Tan-Chiu! They are professional, caring, knowledgeable, dedicated and compassionate. You're a friend, not just a "chart". There is no better care anywhere else! The doctors, nurses & staff at Florida Cancer Care are the absolute best! While treating by breast cancer they also discovered I had lung cancer and immediately began addressing all my health issues. My breast cancer and lung cancer were successfully treated/removed. There are truly no words to express how grateful I am. I highly recommend Dr. Carcas and Dr. Tan-Chiu.

Nov 6th, 2015

Dr. Carcas is an excellent Doctor, there should be more Doctors out there like her. She treats me more like a friend than a Doctor, she is caring, compassionate & very knowledgeable. She has excellent bedside manners & is very thorough with the family as well as the patient. Making the Cancer diagnosis much easier to handle when you feel confident of the decision you have made as a Cancer patient placing yourself in her care.

by laz on Oct 12th, 2015

Dr Lauren takes care of my sister as she battles with cancer. She takes her time to explain things in detail, make you feel comfortable when sitting with her. She is an amazing person, very smart and caring. I know my sister is in very good hands. I strongly recommend her to anyone. Love this doctor.

by Tracy on Sep 15th, 2015

Dr. Carcas has been a tender but knowledgeable supporter and teacher to me as a deal with the breast cancer diagnosis. She has taken time to explain the diagnosis and its implications as well as the potential treatment options and their side effects. She is kind, warm and encouraging. I recommend her to any man or woman diagnosed with cancer.

5 stars all the way :)
by M. Gelber on Jul 12th, 2015

As smart as she is nice, Dr. Carcas is a wonderful asset to Dr. Tan-Chiu's office.