Prescription Refills

  • Whom do I call?
    When refills are necessary, please contact your pharmacy directly. This is the fastest way for you to get your refills.
  • How long will it take?
    Your pharmacy will contact our office with the necessary information to approve the refill request. Our office processes requests within 48-hours from the time the request is received. Please give us the phone and fax number of your pharmacy when requesting for prescription. Requests for prescription refills are accepted during normal business hours Monday through Friday only.
  • How long is my prescription valid?
    Prescriptions are written for a specified period of time.
  • Compliance and Denials
    Maintaining compliance to the physician's instructions and plan is mandatory to filling your prescription. In order to provide quality care, we need to monitor your condition and ensure your compliance with medications. This is only accomplished if you are seen on a regular basis and comply with our instructions. It is our policy to deny requests for refills if these instructions are not followed.
  • Appointment Cancellations
    If appointments are repeatedly canceled, prescriptions will not be refilled.
  • Prescription Side Effects
    If questions or problems arise with the outlined plan, please contact our office and make an appointment.