Our Services

Our staff prides itself in rendering compassionate care. We go out of our way in helping patients understand the complexity of their disease and the various treatment options available.

Breast Surgery

  • Knowledge of and close working relationship with the best breast surgeons in Miami, Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties (Florida).
  • Multidisciplinary conferences such as tumor board where complex cases are reviewed every two weeks.
  • Explanation of, and emphasis on minimally invasive surgery whenever possible both for the breast (lumpectomy as opposed to mastectomy) and axilla (armpit)- sentinel node biopsy vs. removal of all axillary lymph nodes
  • Emphasis on chemotherapy or hormonal therapy preoperatively to allow breast conservation in women with large tumors who would otherwise be planned for mastectomy.

Breast Irradiation

  • Appropriate referrals to the best, geographically accessible radiation therapy facilities.
  • Referral for brachytherapy consultations (5 day vs. 7 week) breast radiation therapy.

Systemic Drug Therapy

Dr. Tan-Chiu is an expert in the use of various hormonal therapies to treat breast cancer as well as the use of many other chemotherapy drugs. She is a breast cancer expert well-versed in the newest, targeted, biologic agents to treat breast and ovarian cancer made available to our patients through clinical research trials. Cutting edge studies include immunomodulators, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biologic therapies such as vaccine and anti-angiogeneic drugs.